Soothing Body Soap 3 in 1

✓ Hands, body and hair ✓ HypoallergeniC

A 3 in 1 soap effechue on hands, body and hair. Its rich and abundant foam cleans deeply with gentleness. Its hypoallergenic component will satisfy young and old.

  • Certified non-toxic for the environment
  • Biodegradable (in accordance with OECD test No. 301D or equivalent)
  • Moisturizers Added
  • Non-carcinogenic
  • Phosphate & NTA free
  • Dye and formaldehyde free
  • Neutral pH

Apply a small amount into hands, on body or hair and scrub into a rich lather. After washing, rinse thoroughly with water.

bio-260 12x500mL Coconut
bio-210 12x500mL Wild berry
bio-214 4x4L Wild berry
bio-216 1x20L Wild berry
Soothing Body Soap 3 in 1
Wild berry Coconut