Multi-Surface Cleaner

✓ Cleans Without Streak ✓ Efficient on All Surfaces

The multi-surface cleaner cleans all types of dirt without leaving streaks. Without ammonia, it is effective on all surfaces.

  • Certified non-toxic for the environment
  • Biodegradable (in accordance with OECD test No. 301D or equivalent)
  • Non-carcinogenic
  • Phosphate & NTA free
  • Dye and formaldehyde free
  • Neutral pH

Turn nozzle to “spray” position. Simply spray and wipe with a soft cloth or paper towel until surface is clean. No rinse required. Can be used to clean counters, wood, granite, glass, mirrors, metal, electronic appliances, chrome and many other fragile surfaces. Do not spray directly on electronic appliances. It is preferable to spray on the cloth before and wash the desired surface afterwards. It is recommended to test a little part on a hidden surface before entirely cleaning.*Do not use on unsealed wood, granite and marble. Do not use with other household cleaners.

bio-342 12x800mL
bio-344 4x4L
bio-346 1x20L
Multi-Surface Cleaner
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